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Organic Conceptions - Journey to Parenthood

This talk will introduce you to a revolutionary way to help couples struggling to conceive in a natural, holistic way that does not violate the moral law in any way.

Come learn about the research used to develop this incredible program to give emotional support to couples along this challenging journey.

Whether or not they conceive, all couples report being in a better place emotionally and spiritually once they surrender to life. Some even find, to their great surprise, that they have miraculously conceived!

Organic Conceptions

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Date Time Location
Thursday, July 25th 6 pm Mass with talk to follow St. William Parish
1351 Main St. (Route 38)
Tewksbury, MA

Free-will donations accepted

From Water to Wine - Marriage Enrichment Program

All couples can benefit from greater understanding and intimacy. So, whether your marriage is smooth sailing or a little on the rocky side, this evening is for you. Come for an enjoyable date-night while making new friends!

Water to Wine

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Date Time Location
Thursday, August 15th 6 pm Parish of St. Mary Magdalen
95 Lakeview Ave
Tyngsboro, MA

Cost is $40 / Couple. Mass, Catered Dinner, followed by program

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Humanae Vitae 50th Year Anniversary Series

“I’m a sinner. I don’t want the Church to show me how I can be comfortable with my sins. I want the damned things out. All the deadlier is the principle of sin. The principle of the sexual revolution is a lie. Its root is in hell.” — from No Way Out by Anthony Esolen
“Contraception is like walking pneumonia. The pneumonia is working on your system, but you can still function and pretend it isn’t there. Contraception is like a hidden cancer, concealed, but constantly eating away on your healthy organs.” — from a homily as presented by Fr. Matthew Habiger OSB, a consultant at NFP Outreach

July 3, 2018 — Catholic Quest is organizing a series of events throughout the Boston Archdiocese over the next year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. We believe that widespread dissent from this encyclical brought about a catastrophe for the Church and for all mankind. It is time to proclaim the need to return to this prophetic teaching of Pope Paul VI and seek healing from the many terrible injuries of the sexual revolution!

We propose to work for the restoration of Humanae Vitae to its proper place in Catholic thought and morality in order to reveal and explain it to lay Catholics who, in many cases, have been deprived of its wisdom through no fault of their own.

Please visit this page often to learn about our plans and join us in this endeavor whenever you can.

July 25, 2018 — Our spiritual advisor, Fr. Jurgen Liias, celebrated our Opening Mass at St. Patrick Parish in Stoneham, MA. This was on the exact 50 year anniversary of the issuance of Humanae Vitae. Our opening event and the talk by Leila Lawler was co-sponsored by the Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture at Thomas More College.

Listen to Fr. Jurgen's Homily

September 29, 2018 – Nancy Malo spoke at the Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture on the topic of Humanae Vitae: a Mustard Seed of Truth.

NOVEMBER 3, 2018 — Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life, spoke at St. William Church in Tewksbury. (link underlined text to flyer) Abby founded a ministry to assist workers to leave the abortion industry.

DECEMBER 12 and 13, 2018 — For Advent, Frank Runyeon performed Signs: The Gospel of John at St. William and St. Patrick Parishes.

Coming soon for January and February: UNPROTECTED: A Pope, the Pill, and the Perils of Sexual Chaos.

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About Us

Mission Statement

Catholic Quest seeks to provide forums for Catholics to continue to learn about their faith, to more clearly explain and defend those Teachings, and to deepen their spirituality and to give people of other faiths the opportunity to learn more about the Teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.

100th Year Anniversary of Fatima

Ongoing and Past Events

Mother/Daughter Social

Catholic Quest presents a Mother/Daughter social, a program that explores God's special fit of human fertility and the beauty and wonder of God's plan for growing up and becoming a woman.

For more information or if you would like to bring this program to your parish, school or other organization, please contact Eileen Wood at or 978-858-3634.


St. William Parish
1351 Main Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876
(978) 858-3634

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